Emily ~ Prospect Hill ~ Land of Fruit

I got to spend today with my best friend since day 1 , Emily.

This girl is amazing - not only can she withstand below freezing temperatures for months on end (she lives in Vermont), but she can identify nearly any tree, and she's doing everything in her power to save the planet, one organism at a time. She's been telling me about all the travel and world-saving she has in store, and I can't wait to see where her passion takes her. 

I shot a lot of film today, so looks like this blog is going to have a part 2. The bad part about coming back to MA? - the nearest one-hour film place is about an hour away. I'm really missing that unlimited-film-developing-one-time-fee-thing that I got back in Savannah. Emily and I stopped at a bunch of my favorite spots in my hometown, and it was really nice to come back after a long time away to see everything with fresh eyes. I was so excited about film that I forgot to take any digital until we got to our last location (or more accurately, until I ran out of film).

So until I am able to get my rolls developed, heres the digital I got of that last location (Prospect Hill, if you were curious).