Joshua Tree ~ Recent Thoughts

I am a girl.

I am a girl and people love to remind me of it.

Telling me that “I look sturdy for a girl” is not a compliment.

Telling me that I “seem like I can handle the boy stuff” does not make me smile. 

Telling me that I can't do something "because I'm a girl" isn't going to make me back down

I am not strong for a girl, I am strong.

I am not brave for a girl, I am brave.

I am not independent for a girl, I am independent.

Being a girl dictates my gender, not my ability.

Here are some pictures I took from my recent solo trip to Joshua Tree (From one roll of 35mm E6 film). Yes, I, a girl, drove 5 hours, hiked 10 miles into the middle of the desert, and built a campsite by myself. Please tell me how impressive and masculine that is.